Why is Teamwork Important? 8 Good Reasons!


What a difference teamwork makes. Teams and teamwork have become a central part of our work life. Why is teamwork important?
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The following factors give us some explanations.




  • Creates synergy – where the sum is greater than the parts;
  • Supports a more empowered way of working, removing constraints which may prevent someone doing their job properly;
  • Promotes flatter and leaner structures, with less hierarchy;
  • Encourages multi-disciplinary work where teams cut across organizational divides;
  • Fosters flexibility and responsiveness, especially the ability to respond to change;
  • Pleases customers who like working with good teams (sometimes the customer may be part of the team);
  • Promotes the sense of achievement, equity and camaraderie, essential for a motivated workplace;
  • When managed properly, teamwork is a better way to work!


Why is teamwork important? It doesn’t mean everybody doing the same thing or everybody being able to do each other’s jobs. It’s more a means to a synergistic way of working, where the sum is greater than the parts. Properly managed, teamwork maximizes strengths, bringing out the best in each team member, a key theme on this site. These specific, possibly unique individual strengths are then complimented by the strengths of others, or of the team as a unit.

The value of teamwork is regularly seen in sports. How often do we see teams made up of expensive star players outperformed by teams with players who may be individually less talented. Assuming transfer price tags really are an indicator of talent! The answer lies in two things. The synergistic value of teamwork (our glue and oil), and in the crucial role of the manager.