Five Steps to a New Career

1. Examine all possibilities – Don’t jump into another career without researching all opportunities, including careers that you may have never considered – you might just find the career of your dreams.

2. Assess yourself in detail – Take a look at yourself – your skills, values, and interests. Make a list of your skills –those you like to do and those you never want to do again. Ask questions like, “Am I a people person?” and “Do I want to sit for my job? Or, “Do I prefer to work on my feet?” Knowing what you want is a great step to another career.

3. Create a plan – Work with someone to go over what you would like to do or would be good at doing. Develop a detailed action plan including strategy, finance, research, and education. Having a plan is essential to career transition success; without one you might make the wrong decision and find yourself not enjoying your new career.

4. Refresh your career network – Identify your next career, and then start developing contacts – this can be done by talking to work counselors, instructors, and classmates, and by joining industry associations.

5. Refine your resume and cover letter – Don’t worry about years of experience in your new career. Employers also look at training, education, and a diverse skill set – and these are the items you want to focus on while updating your resume and cover letter.